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Raise the Bar for Civil Engineering

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ASCE Supports Raise the Bar

Learn about the ASCE-backed initiative for adopting and implementing higher academic requirements for future professional engineers. Get answers to frequently asked questions, review ASCE policy statements, and read relevant articles.

CE Body of Knowledge

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Civil engineering is a field critical to society's well-being that requires both a breadth and deep of knowledge to practice successfully as a professional. The Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge for the 21st Century defines the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to enter into professional practice; how the BOK can be fulfilled by tomorrow's aspiring engineers; and who should guide the learning of the engineering student and engineer intern.
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Watch the Video -- Visit the Website

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Join leaders of civil engineering and other disciplines dedicated to increasing educational requirements for future entry into licensed practice – visit the initiative website,, and see a video highlighting the campaign.

Has advanced education enhanced your career, your practice? Share your story.

The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025

Representing the collective wisdom of more than 60 professionals, Vision 2025 presents an aspirational vision for what role future civil engineers can and should play. Civil engineers worldwide have embraced this appeal for an enhanced future, calling on CEs to control their own destiny rather than letting events control it for them.

Professional Specialty Certification

Advanced knowledge. Exceptional skills. Professional Specialty Certification puts experienced civil engineers in a class by themselves.