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John, Emily and Washington Roebling and the Brooklyn Bridge they built

Modern life.  Enduring legacies.

Civil engineers make civilization possible.


Meet the heroes of civil engineering.

Leaders, creators, builders, designers.


Beloved Icons. Astounding Achievements. Civil engineers build our world.

Civil Engineering and Black History

ASCE recognizes the many achievements of and contributions to the civil engineering profession by African-American engineers from our nation’s past to the current day.

Landmark Search

To date, more than 200 projects worldwide have earned this prominent designation, one that illustrates the creativity and innovative spirit of civil engineers. Search for landmarks by name, category, or geographic location.

Civil Engineering and Women's History

As part of the ongoing effort to celebrate the breadth of diversity among civil engineers, ASCE presents this new section of the website, dedicated to bringing much-deserved attention to the outstanding accomplishments of women in civil engineering through profiles of some of the many inspiring individuals from past and present.