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 Portland Headlight in 2000
 Portland Headlight in 2000

The Newsletter on the History and Heritage of American Civil Engineering has been distributed to a small subset of members of the ASCE, and interested parties, over the past six years. It has grown from two pages to six or more pages over that time and has been, and will continue to be, issued every two months. Its success has resulted in it being made available online to all members of the Society in a format similar to the Web section of Civil Engineering Magazine. This issue is the first to be published in this new format. We hope the reader enjoys reading about his/her heritage and the giants on whose shoulders we stand.

In every issue of the newsletter we display a photograph of a significant civil engineer and ask the reader to identify that person. In the following issue we give the person’s name and a brief biography. We also display an important civil engineering project, bridge, dam, building, etc. and ask the reader to identify the project and its engineer. As with the engineer, we identify the project in the next issue along with a brief description of the project and its engineer. Other sections may deal with information on the activities of the History and Heritage Committee, descriptions of National Historic Landmarks approved by the committee and the Board of Direction, and descriptions of their plaque dedication ceremonies. A listing of recent papers, articles and/or books on the history of Civil engineering is given along with a section called “Thoughts for the Day.” When available we also publish information on upcoming events in which topics of civil engineering history are included. Reuben Hull, a member of the History and Heritage Committee, contributes his Civil Engineering Almanac, which includes a brief biography of a prominent civil engineer who was born in that month as well as a historic project, which was completed in that month.

The editor, Frank Griggs, encourages any reader to make suggestions about future additions to the Newsletter as well as informing him of local events concerning the history of the profession and/or articles that may be of interest to our readers. He can be reached at