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Activities across the Pond

Our colleagues across the Atlantic continue to do a fine job of bringing the History and Heritage of Civil Engineering to their associates and the general public. The Panel for Historical Engineering Works (PHEW) published their Newsletter in June 2013 that was packed full of interesting articles, etc.

The Newsletter announced that the decade long repair and repainting of the Firth of Forth cantilever bridge received the Historic Bridge and Infrastructure Award for 2012 on March 7, 2013 and gave a brief description of the project. It also described 12 other bridge restoration projects that were considered for the award.

A commemorative plaque from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) was mounted at the Bell Rock Lighthouse designating it as a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. They concluded the Newsletter with a section called, HEW’s (Historic Engineering Works) in the News that discusses efforts to restore and/or maintain historic works. See articles/books on Civil Engineering for articles in their Proceedings of the ICE-Engineering History and Heritage.

This year’s Smeaton Lecture is entitled, “A Design for Life: James Newlands and the origins of the Borough Engineer.” It will be presented by Sally Sheard from Liverpool University and is scheduled for July 16. On April 22, ICE Wales Cyrmu celebrated the contributions of Thomas Dadford, Jr. who was an early pioneer in canal building and whose expertise revolutionized the science of engineering. For these reasons, they called him a “revolutionary canal engineer.” Dadford had worked on many canals in England in the latter part of the 18th century.