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History Sessions at Conferences

Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI) Annual Congress, Cincinnati, Ohio, May 2013

The presentations were as follows:

Smith James, E., A Century of Environmental Research in Cincinnati.

Lanyon, Richard, Building the Canal to Save Chicago.

Eaton, David, The Johnson Administration Water Quality Policies; A Fifty-year Perspective.

Rogers, J. David, Arthur Morgan Ushers in the Era of Engineered Flood Control in the Wake of the 1913 Dayton Flood.

Rinehart, Kurt, One Hundred Years of Leadership: The Miami Conservancy.

Gilbert, David, The Western Australia Goldfields Water Supply: An International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

Jacobsen, Laura, History of Raw Water Intakes and Water Treatment for Southern Nevada Water Supply.

Jerry Rogers, Augustine Frederick, Kay Whitlock, Jeff Bradley et. al. did a fine job organizing and presenting the three sessions. EWRI appears to be the only Institute of ASCE that acknowledges the important of history sessions.

ASCE Annual Conference, Panama, October 2014 - Update

Bernie Dennis, a member of the History & Heritage Committee, is working Fred Berger and Cliff Schexnayder. No definite plans have been determined at this date. A wide range of topics have been suggested on the theme of Mega Projects throughout history.