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Newsletter on the History and Heritage of American Civil Engineering

Volume 7 July/August 2013 Issue No. 4


Almanac: A Classic Capitol - Pentagon Builder

 Image of Lt. General Leslie Groves and Tennessee State Capitol

Tennessee State Capitol – a Civil Engineering Landmark, Groves – Megaprojects Expert

Friend Puts CE Colleague On the Pennsylvania Map

 Image of Benjamin Henry Latrobe

As part of the continuing series on cities named for civil engineers, this issue of the newsletter explains how Latrobe, Pennsylvania came to be.

My Engineering Education Was a First: Who Am I?

 Image of Charles Storrow

I was probably the first American engineer to be educated in an actual engineering school and encouraged the development of engineering education in the United States. Read more to find the answer.

Great Victoria Bridge: A Span Fit for a Queen

 Images of Victoria Bridge over the St. Lawrence River

The bridge was the Great Victoria Bridge, later in 1897 renamed the Victoria Jubilee Bridge, built across the St. Lawrence River by Alex Ross, James Hodges and Robert Stephenson in 1854-1859.

Petroski’s History & Heritage Legacy Deserves Big Thanks

 Henry Petroski

After thirteen years of service to the History and Heritage Committee, twelve years as chair, Henry Petroski has announced his retirement from the committee.

History and Heritage Newsletters

The History & Heritage Committee produces a newsletter on civil engineering's history and heritage.