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Articles and Books on the History of Civil Engineering

Griggs, Francis E., “Othmar H. Ammann,” Structure Magazine, April 2013

Weingardt, Richard G., “Frank Osborn, Nation’s Pioneer Stadium Designer,” Structure Magazine, March 2013, 61-62

Weingardt, Richard G., “William Palmer; Father of American Narrow-Gauge Railroads,” Journal of Leadership and Engineering Management, January 2013, Vol. 13, No. 1, 51-60

Also check out:

Dolan, Michael, “American History Interviews Civil Engineer Henry Petroski” (accessed March 11, 2013). Henry is the Chairman of the History and Heritage Committee.

Proceedings of the ICE - Engineering History and Heritage, Volume 166, Issue 1, February 2013
(Our colleagues across the ocean continue to promote the history and heritage of civil engineering through their journal. As can be seen by the Table of Contents, they are including articles on projects outside of the United Kingdom)

*Peters, Timothy J.; Brown, Stephen F., The life and times of Arthur Brome Wilson, canal engineer

*Mavrogonatou, Georgia; Chatzis, Konstantinos, Marathon dam: a collaboration between American and Greek engineers

*Linssen Willemijne; Raymaekers Pieter, Engineering institutions and networking in nineteenth-century Belgium and Britain

*Palmer, Marilyn; West, Ian, Nineteenth-century technical innovations in British country houses and their estates

*Harrison, David,The fate of medieval English bridges since 1770: demolition, survival and preservation.

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