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Call for Papers on Early Railroads

  Great Western Rail Road Box Tunnel 
 Great Western Rail Road Box Tunnel

First international Conference on Early Main Line Railways, UK

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) is issuing a Call for Papers for a 2014 conference that may be of interest to our readers. It may be a chance to show off the early developments of railroads in the United States.

The First international Conference on Early Main Line Railways, which will take place from Thursday 19 June to Sunday 22 June 2014, will be held in Caernarfon, North Wales, UK.

Abstracts are invited for 30-minute papers to be delivered at the First Early Main Line Railways Conference. The Conference will cover the pioneering period of the public main line railway, up to the establishment of a regular network of routes with agreed or amalgamated running rights. (This period extends from the opening of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway in 1830 to the major consolidation of companies which had taken place by about 1870; start/end dates will differ for other countries).

The emphasis of the event will be on the formation, cultural impact and effects (financial, social, technical etc.) of the early main lines in all their aspects. Papers are particularly sought on:

• Political influences and implications, capitalisation and finance, management, staffing and administration of Early Main Lines

• Technology, with respect to all aspects of the civil and mechanical engineering of Early Main Line Railways, including engines, rolling stock, infrastructure and buildings

• Social context and cultural impact

• International context

Further information on topics of potential interest can be found online. -200-word abstracts should be submitted by 30th September 2013 for consideration by the organising committee.


By post: c/o Mike Chrimes, Institution of Civil Engineers, One Great George Street, Westminster London, SW1P 3AA