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Newsletter on the History and Heritage of American Civil Engineering

Volume 7 May/June 2013 Issue No. 3


Railroads, Bridges All On Mystery Engineer’s Resume

 Virgil Bogue

Virgil Bogue, our mystery engineer from the previous issue, was one of the leading engineers of the post-Civil War period.

Last Issue’s Project Puzzler No Pipe Dream for DC

 Image of Pipe Arch Bridge

Our mystery bridge was the famous Washington, D. C. Pipe Arch Bridge built by Captain Montgomery Meigs in 1860.

Almanac: Birthday Boy, New Canal for Cape Cod

 Image of Washington Roebling and Cape Cod Canal

Roebling – an Officer and Bridge Builder; Cape Cod Canal – Success of Sea-level Canal

From Mill to Mill Town: Roebling’s the Moniker

 Roebling, New Jersey

Roebling is located about eight miles south of Trenton, the capital of New Jersey, and on the western bank of the Delaware River and adjacent to the New Jersey Turnpike.

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