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History and Heritage Committee (HHC) for FY 2014

The roster of this year’s committee is as follows:



 Dennis, Jr., Bernard G


 Ellifritt, Duane


 Gilbert, David


 Green, Ted


 Member  Region Governor
 Griggs, Jr., Francis E


 Hull, Reuben F


 Stevens, Carol


 Member  Region Governor
 Wiltshire, Richard L



The first meeting of the Committee fiscal year 2014 was a conference call on November 22, 2013. The agenda consisted of discussion of the nominations for the H & H Award. It was decided to obtain additional information of the two nominees and upon receipt of the information to have an email ballot.

Our Oral History Program was discussed. Frank Griggs contacted Dr. Delon Hampton, Past President of ASCE, who agreed to be interviewed. Delon sent his resume and other information to Griggs for review. Griggs will prepare a tentative list of questions for review by Delon and obtain his feedback and suggestions. With the final list of questions the interview will be scheduled, tentatively at Delon’s Washington, DC office. Since Bernie Dennis knows Delon well and lives in DC it was suggested that he conduct the interview, which will be videotaped.
Carol Reese discussed the development of brochures on the National Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks. The committee has a plan to prepare descriptions of selected landmarks this year. Before looking at developing new articles, the Committee will investigate the use of “History Lesson” articles addressing ASCE Landmarks that have appeared in ASCE’s Civil Engineer magazine since 2007.

Bernie Dennis updated the committee on plans for the 2014 ASCE Annual conference that will be held in Panama to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal. The theme of the conference will be Giga Projects, but in early November, ASCE asked the HHC to develop a history program focused on the history of the Panama Canal. He has several speakers lined up but is looking for additional talks and presenters. He indicated that if the preparer of a talk could not attend it would be possible to have the paper read by someone else at the conference. Bernie is planning on developing a proceedings but at this time it is not clear if it will be a hard copy book or an electronic publication.

The Committee next meeting will be a face-to-face meeting will be in conjunction with CAP and its constituent Committees in Dallas, Texas on January 25, 2014.