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Page Turners: Articles/Books

There have been slim pickings for articles on the H & H of Civil Engineering lately.

Bell, Glen R., “Frank Heger,” Structure Magazine, February 2014, p. 36

Brown, Jeff, 2014, “Rock Solid; Stone Railroad Bridges of the late 1840s,” Civil Engineering Magazine, January, pages 44-47.

Foust, Clifford (2013), John Frank Stevens: Civil Engineer, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Indiana. A portion of the book is online

Griggs, Francis E., “Union Bridge,” Structure Magazine, February 2014, p. 22-24

McBriarty, Patrick (2013), Chicago River Bridges, University of Illinois Press, Chicago, Illinois.

Weingardt, Richard, “Alfred Nobel: Special Consultant to Presidents and Governments,” Leadership and Management in Engineering, October 2013. (This was probably Richard’s last article before his untimely death)(Note this journal was just eliminated by ASCE)

Zink, Clifford (2011), The Roebling Legacy, Princeton Landmark Publications, Princeton, New Jersey (See review in Journal of Bridge Engineering, February 2014)

A website that may be of interest is:

This was prepared by the National Park Service and is entitled Bureau of Reclamation Historic Dams and Water Projects. It consists of an introduction and three essays entitled: 
    Water in the West 
    Mission of the Bureau of Reclamation 
    Bureau of Reclamation Engineering Achievements
These are followed by a list and descriptions of dams and maps.

It is a good read! 


This YouTube video will introduce you to the new Engineering Map of America from PBS-WGBH/American Experience. 

Listed below are some recent ASCE Press books that may be of interest.

Earthquakes and Engineers: an International History, Robert K. Reitherman, M.Arch., 2012 (Robert was just approved as the winner of the Civil Engineering History & Heritage Award by the H & H Committee at its Dallas, Texas meeting.

Inca Engineering Three-Book Set, Kenneth R. Wright, P.E., L.S.; Alfredo Valencia Zegarra, Ph.D.; Ruth M. Wright, J.D.; Gordon McEwan, Ph.D., 2011

Moray, Kenneth R. Wright, P.E., L.S.; Ruth M. Wright, J.D.; Alfredo Valencia Zegarra, Ph.D.; Gordon McEwan, Ph.D., 2011

History of the Modern Suspension Bridge, Tadaki Kawada, Ph.D.; translated by Harukazu Ohashi, Ph.D.; edited by Richard Scott, M.E.S., 2010

Hoover Dam 75th Anniversary History Symposium, Edited by Richard L. Wiltshire, P.E.; David R. Gilbert, P.E.; Jerry R. Rogers, Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE, 2010

Circles in the Sky, Richard G. Weingardt, P.E., 2009

Great Rivers History, Edited by Jerry R. Rogers, Ph.D., P.E., 2009

Washington Roebling’s Father, Washington Roebling; edited by Donald Sayenga, 2009

Women in Engineering: Pioneers and Trailblazers, Edited by Margaret E. Layne, P.E., 2009

Environmental and Water Resources, Edited by Jerry R. Rogers, 2007