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Page Turner: Articles/Books

Griggs, Francis E. Jr., “B & O Railroad Bridge at Harper’s Ferry – 1836,” Structure Magazine, August 2014, 28-30.

Griggs, Francis E, Jr., “Piscataqua Bridge: Longest-Span Bridge in the United States, 1794-1812,” Practice Periodical Structural Design and Construction, August 2014, 1-12.

Mladjov, Roumen V., “The Eiffel Tower at 125 Years,” Structure Magazine, July 2014, 18, 19

Petroski, Henry, The House with Sixteen Handmade Doors: A Tale of Architectural Choice and Craftsmanship (New York: W. W. Norton, 2014). [Contains historical content on balloon-frame construction, nail manufacturing, kit houses, etc.] A nice article about the book was in the New York Times on June 4, 2014.  

Henry Petroski and Frank Griggs
Henry Petroski, left, former chair, History & Heritage Committee,
Frank Griggs, editor of History & Heritage Newsletter in front
of the house with 16 doors.

Petroski, Henry, “Rise and Fall of the Pocket Protector,” American Scientist, May-June 2014, pp. 182-185.

Petroski, Henry, “The Story of Two Houses,” American Scientist, July-August 2014, pp. 258-261.

Proceedings of the ICE-Engineering History, April/May 2014  

“William Hazledine (1763–1840): pioneering iron founder” by Andrew Pattison

“The restoration of Tynemouth Railway Station canopy” by James Miller

“A monument of civil engineering: the first Mexican railway” by Dirk Bühler

“Brighton Pier, UK – innovation in renovation” by Nigel Winterbottom

“Bridging in the Second World War: an imperative to victory” by Denys Begbie; Gwilym Roberts

“Qingkou complex: an engineering masterpiece of the Grand Canal of China” by Jin Zhang; Yun Zhao; Zhe Wang; Yi Wang; Ting Wu; Ming Cui

“Investigating 500-year-old coastal towers in Sardinia and Corsica: a research protocol” by Stefania Murru

“The history and replacement of lock gates” by Mike Clarke

“Rebuilding Woolwich Arsenal clock tower, London, UK” by Jeremy V. Foster

“The safety record of timber railway bridges in the UK: 1840–1870” by Nicholas Bill

“Preserving canals through innovating maintenance spot dredging” by Claire Louise Greenwood

“Frederick Cooper (1841–1933): the supreme resident engineer” by Gwilym Roberts