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Newsletter on the History and Heritage of American Civil Engineer

Volume 8 May/June 2014 Issue No. 3


Almanac: Builder of Icons-Maine Suspension Bridge

 Image of James Baird and Waldo-Hancock Suspension Bridge

Baird – a builder of many iconic building and memorials; Waldo-Hancock Bridge – the 1st suspension bridge built in Maine

I was 1st ASCE President from Canada - Who Am I?

Image of Thomas C. Keefer

I also helped found the first engineering society in Canada.

Baldwin: Canal Builder, Surveyor, Apple Cultivator

Map of Middlesex Canal Route 1803-1852

Baldwin, Maine, named for Loammi Baldwin (1744 – 1807) who surveyed and laid it out, was incorporated in 1802.

First Major Vertical Lift Bridge in U.S.: Name Me

Image of Halsted Street Bridge

Originally designed to cross a river in Minnesota but ended up in Illinois.

History and Heritage Newsletters

The History & Heritage Committee produces a newsletter on civil engineering's history and heritage.