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Civil Engineering and Black History

Engineers Past to Present 

American history is filled with the stories of inspiring individuals who have made stellar contributions to improving the world that we live in. This new section is a groundbreaking step in ASCE’s efforts to shine a spotlight on the contributions of civil engineers from diverse backgrounds, recognizing not only their individual achievements in the civil engineering profession, but also sharing their unique personal journeys to success.

The profiles below are a small portion of the many individuals deserving of recognition. As we continue to develop this section, we invite you to share your feedback by suggesting other diverse civil engineers to be profiled. Suggestions may be sent to

Profiles: Engineers of the Past

Learn more about some of the engineers who helped pave the way for future generations of engineers to have more opportunites for success.

Alaska Highway Troops Shaking Hands

Profiles: Engineers in the Present

Today’s engineers continue to reach new heights with ever-increasing presence as leaders at their companies, mentors on the job and at the university level, and through their involvement with volunteer organizations and community outreach.


Contemporary Issues

In recent years, a number of authors have published articles examining African-American engineers and the engineering profession today.


Student Members at the Building Museum



Diversity by Design coverHow do you staff your practice for the 21st century? Make it diverse. Learn to serve your community more effectively by hiring professionals that reflect its diversity.

Manual: Diversity by Design

Journal: Leadership and Management in Engineering, Diversity Special Issue

Webinar on Career Off-ramping

Encouraging the Return of Stay-at-Home Mothers to the Engineering Profession

People & Projects

Hoover Dam

Modern life.
Enduring legacies.

Civil engineers make civilization possible.

Learn about the works and lives of civil engineers, past and present.