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Civil Engineering and Women's History

    Women Engineers Through History  

    As part of the ongoing effort to celebrate the breadth of diversity among civil engineers, ASCE presents this new section of the website, dedicated to bringing much-deserved attention to the outstanding accomplishments of women in civil engineering through profiles of some of the many inspiring individuals from past and present.

    The profiles below are a small portion of the many individuals deserving of recognition. As we continue to develop this section, we invite you to share your feedback by suggesting other diverse civil engineers to be profiled. Suggestions may be sent to

    Profiles: Engineers of the Past

    Gilbreath, Lillian 

    The history of women in engineering is a long and rich narrative, filled with individuals who stood out for their accomplishments and innovations.


    Profiles: Engineers in the Present

    Today, women engineers continue to reach new heights within the profession, from their contributions through research and project management, to their growing presence as leaders in their disciplines, mentors on the job and at the university level, and through their involvement with volunteer organizations and community outreach. 


    Do you want to make a difference for women in engineering? Get involved! ASCE recommends these resources to help engage, recruit and retain women in the profession.

    Changing Our World Cover

    Women in Civil Engineering: Contemporary Issues

    These articles, studies and resources address many of the issues female engineers and the engineering industry face today.