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California Water Project

Monument of the Millennium

California Water Project reservoirThe California State Water Project was selected as much for its remarkable engineering aspects, as for the positive impact it has had on regional economic trade and development. Conceived more than 50 years ago with bold imagination by engineers of dedication and courage, a system of aqueducts, dams, reservoirs and plants meets the water resources needs of two-thirds of California's population serving more than 23 million citizens and thousands of businesses daily. Features of the project include 32 storage facilities, reservoirs and lakes, 17 pumping plants, three pumping-generating plants, five hydroelectric power plants, and 660 miles of open canals and pipelines. 

Additional Information 
Comprehensive site done by the California Department of Water Resources. Includes historical overview, links to DWR water facilities, visitor centers and recreation sites including maps, and a listing of state water contractors.
The Department of Water Resources Operations Control Office directs the overall water and power operations of the California State Water Project. You will also find a comprehensive list of links to related sites.
Approximately 20 million Californians depend on the State Water Project for at least part of their water needs. The State Water Project Analysis Office, or SWPAO, helps to ensure that they get that water. Find out how they do this!

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