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Empire State Building, New York

Monument of the Millennium
Seven Modern Wonders of the World, 1955, 1994

Empire State Building At 1,250 feet, the Empire State Building is the best-known skyscraper in the world, and was the tallest building in the world for more than 40 years. The building's most astonishing feat, however, was the speed at which it rose into the New York skyline. Construction was completed in only one year and 45 days, without requiring overtime. Ironworkers set a torrid pace, riveting the 58,000-ton frame together in 23 weeks. Just below them, masons finished the exterior in eight months, plumbers laid 51 miles of pipe and electricians installed 17 million feet of telephone wire. The building was so well engineered that it was easily repaired after a bomber crashed into it in 1945. The precise choreography of the operation revolutionized the tall building construction industry. Previous ASCE designations include America's Seven Modern Civil Engineering Wonders (1955) and Seven Civil Engineering Wonders of the Modern World (1994). 

Additional Information
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