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Kansai International Airport, Japan

Monument of the Millennium

Kansai International Airport as seen from the airBuilt and based in Osaka Bay, about three miles off the Japanese shore, Kansai International Airport features an extensive variety of user-friendly, modern amenities, including shopping areas, a children's playroom, an automated intra-airport transportation system, and a state-of-the-art ventilation system. Because of its location off shore, it is the only airport in the world that is able to function on a 24-hour basis without violating any noise regulations. The airport serves 24 cities in Japan with 69 departures daily and 71 cities in 30 other countries with 660 departures. Since it opened in September 1994, the annual number of international passengers using Kansai International Airport has increased from 2.5 million to more than 25 million. 

Additional Information  
Kansai's Homepage, airport and flight Information also included (available in English or Japanese)

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