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 US Army Corps of Engineers Hartwell Dam and Lake Project  

Beloved icons. Astounding achievements.

Civil engineers build our world. 

Awards for Projects

2015 OCEA Finalists and the Charles Pankow Award for Innovation winner have been announced. Learn about the winners honored in 2015.

Historic Landmark: Goldfields Water Supply

GWS Plaque

The Goldfields Water Supply had the world's longest fresh water pipeline when built, which was the first to be fabricated from steel. It was designed and constructed by the Western Australian Public Works Department from 1895 to 1903 and consisted of Mundaring Weir on the Helena River, eight steam powered pumping stations and a 566 km pipeline to Kalgoorlie. 

Grand Coulee Dam, Washington

Grand Coulee Dam

One of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World, which was completed in 1941, this gravity dam is the largest concrete structure and hydroelectric facility in the United States. This project also provides primary flood control for the entire Columbia River basin.

Channel Tunnel/Eurotunnel


The Eurotunnel Rail System fulfilled a centuries old dream to link Britain and the rest of Europe. More than a tunnel, it rolls infrastructure and immense machinery into an underwater tunnel system of unprecedented ambition.