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Guidelines for Permissions


Permission is required for:

  • reusing an excerpt of 100 words or more from an ASCE journal, periodical, or proceedings paper
  • reusing an excerpt of 500 words or more from any ASCE book
  • reusing any figures, tables, charts, or images 

Permission will be denied if:

  • the requested ASCE copyrighted content constitutes more than 25% of your work in a new publication
  • you request to republish an entire article or chapter from an ASCE journal, periodical, conference proceeding, or book
  • you request to post an entire ASCE journal article, proceedings paper, or book on the Internet
  • you request to use any figures, tables, charts, or images from Civil Engineering magazine, ASCE News, and Geo-Strata. ASCE is not the copyright holder for most of these materials. You must request permission from the copyright holders. The copyright information can be found in the credit line.
  • the total number of requested figures, tables, charts, or images exceeds the limit allowed based on type of use

It is the requesting party’s responsibility to ensure that the material is original to ASCE and that the material was not reprinted with permission from a non-ASCE source. Please note that many of the photographs and images used in ASCE publications are not copyrighted by ASCE. You need to contact the copyright holders of those photographs or images if you would like permission to reuse them.

It is the requesting party’s responsibility to determine if an article or paper has been published as open access. Please consult the abstract page for that article or paper in the ASCE Library.

If you are an author interested in making your own article open access, or if you would like to sponsor open access for a particular article, please consult our Open Access Options and Rights policy.

Altering, recompiling, copying, reselling, redistributing, publishing or republishing (beyond brief quotations with customary acknowledgment of the source) of any text, output, search results, or other information from any ASCE Licensed Material, or any portion thereof, including without limitation, copyright, trade secret, proprietary and/or other legal notices contained therein, in any form or medium is prohibited. 

Types of Permission Granted by Rightslink® 

ASCE copyrighted content includes all ASCE publications: journal articles, proceedings papers, books (standards, manuals, committee reports, ASCE Press), Civil Engineering magazine, and ASCE News

Reuse of ASCE content may be requested via Rightslink® for the following options:

  • Book or Textbook: Permission is limited to only the edition of the book to be published as specified during the ordering process. 
  • Journal or Magazine: Permission will not be granted to republish an entire article in another journal or magazine.
  • Conference Proceeding: Permission will not be granted to republish an entire article or paper in another conference proceedings.
  • Promotional Material: Any such use does not imply an endorsement by ASCE of a commercial product, service, or supplier.
  • Presentation or Slidekit
  • Coursepack: If the request is for an online coursepack, the site must be password-protected and posted for the semester only.
  • Training Material: If the training material is posted online, the site must be password-protected.
  • Thesis or Dissertation:  Permission will not be granted to republish an entire article or paper in a thesis or dissertation.
  • Government Report: Any such use does not negate ASCE's copyright interest by placing the work in the public domain.
  • Intranet posting: Permission is limited to your organization’s intranet, which must be password-protected and is not open to the public. 
  • Internet posting: Posting of an entire ASCE copyrighted article or book is strictly prohibited. However, we do allow posting of limited excerpts or figures, tables, charts, or images. 
  • Documentary/TV program/movie 
  • Photocopies: Does not include online or digital reproduction 

More information on pricing and types of reuse is presented when completing the request form on Rightslink®.

If you are an ASCE author and you are seeking permission to reuse your own journal article or proceedings paper, please review our policies for author reuse. 

If you are STM signatory publisher, please review our STM Permission Guidelines.