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Materials and Construction

Materials and Construction

Materials and Construction

Exploring the Connection

Edited by Lawrence C. Bank

1999 / 928 pp.

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Proceedings of the Fifth ASCE Materials Engineering Congress, held in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 10-12, 1999.

This collection contains 113 papers covering topics at the forefront of civil engineering materials research and civil engineering construction. In an era of rapid developments in engineered, hybrid, and synthetic materials in the construction industry, finding the best material for a project is a challenge. The papers in this volume attempt to improve communication and understanding between producers and users of construction materials. Papers consider materials and construction for buildings, pavements, and bridges and tunnels. Many papers examine the use of materials to repair, rehabilitate, and retrofit these elements of U.S. civil infrastructure. Research and development regarding different material types—such as bituminous, cementitious, composite, metallic, timber, and recycled materials—in the context of specific applications is also covered.

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