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Design of Shallow Foundations

Design of Shallow Foundations

Design of Shallow Foundations

Samuel E. French, Ph.D., P.E.

ASCE Press

1999 / 382 pp.

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This book presents a complete how-to procedure for the design of shallow foundations commonly used with low-rise structures of today's building codes. It offers a detailed presentation of both soils and structures specifically as they relate to shallow foundations, emphasizing soil-structure interaction by matching particular structural designs to particular soil conditions. For soils, the author describes relevant soil properties and soil mechanics at shallow depths. For structures, the author includes a summary of loads on foundations and the deformations produced by such loads. Design procedures apply to structures less than 65 feet tall and having a natural period of oscillation less than 0.90 seconds. Structural systems include low-rise diaphragm/shearpanel systems, braced frames, and rigid frames.

These established and proven methods apply to industries of architecture, construction, engineering technology, as well as civil engineering, and are intended for use by both students and practitioners.

About the Author
Samuel E. French, Ph.D., P.E., was a professor of engineering at the University of Tennessee.

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