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Sedimentation Engineering

Sedimentation Engineering (MOP 54)

Sedimentation Engineering

Classic Edition

Edited by Vito A. Vanoni

Manuals of Practice (MOP) MOP 54

1975 / 424 pp.

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Prepared by the Task Committee for the Preparation of the Manual on Sedimentation of the Sedimentation Committee of the Hydraulic Division of ASCE

Sedimentation Engineering (Manual 54) is an excellent text for understanding the nature and scope of sedimentation problems, methods for their investigation, and practical approaches to their solution. The manual focuses on sediment control methods for watersheds, streams, canals, and reservoirs. Originally published in 1975, this manual is still considered the foremost text on sedimentation engineering. It treats sedimentation in a broad perspective, considering the interrelated processes of erosion, sediment transportation by water and air, and sediment deposition where it creates problems of practical importance.

This Classic Edition, with an improved, easier-to-read format, and redrawn figures, is the progenitor of a companion manual, Sedimentation Engineering: Processes, Measurements, Modeling, and Practice, (MOP 110).  

This manual is a must-have classic that will be useful to hydrologists, geomorphologists, sedimentologists, land-use planners, soil conservation specialists, and environmental, hydraulic, and agricultural engineers.

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