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Mechanics of Asphalt

Mechanics of Asphalt

Mechanics of Asphalt

Microstructure and Micromechanics

Linbing Wang, Ph.D., P.E.

2011 / 480 pp.

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Published by McGraw-Hill.

This state-of-the-art sourcebook guides engineers to solve problems in the mix design, construction, and evaluation of asphalt pavements. This book systematically covers both the fundamentals and most recent developments in applying rational mechanics, microstructure characterization methods, and numerical tools to understand the behavior of asphalt concrete. The book describes essential mathematics, mechanics, and numerical techniques required for comprehending advanced modeling and simulation of asphalt materials and asphalt pavements. Filled with detailed illustrations, this authoritative volume provides rational mechanisms to guide the development of best practices in mix design, construction methods, and performance evaluatio of asphalt concrete.

Topics include:

  • fundamentals for mathematics and continuum mechanics
  • mechanical properties of constiuents, including binder, aggregates, mastics, and mixtures
  • microstructure characterizatrion
  • experimental methods to characterize the heterogeneous strain field
  • mixture theory and micromechanics applications
  • fundamentals of phenomenological models
  • multiscale modeling and moisture damage
  • models for asphalt concrete, including viscoplasticity, viscoplasticity with damage, disturbed state mechanics model, and fatigue failure criteria
  • finite element method, boundary element method, and discrete element method
  • digital specimen and digital test-integration of microstructure into simulation
  • simulation of asphalt compaction
  • characterization and modeling of anisotropic properties of asphalt concrete

Written by an internationally renowned expert on asphalt mechanics, this authoritative guide equips you with the latest tools for solving a wide range of engineering problems in the mix design, construction methods, and performance evaluation of today's asphalt pavements.