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Dynamic Communication for Engineers

Dynamic Communication for Engineers

Dynamic Communication for Engineers

Richard H. McCuen, Ph.D.; Peggy A. Johnson; and Cynthia Davis

ASCE Press

1993 / 188 pp.

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Communications skills are essential to all professional practices, but often it is a skill for which most engineers are least prepared. The authors provide a hands-on approach on communicating more effectively in the workplace. This comprehensive guidebook tailors instructions to the special needs of engineers, as real world examples illustrate a variety of communication situations.

Topics include:

  • procrastination,
  • technical writing style,
  • communicating technical data and statistics,
  • ethical considerations,
  • technical reports,
  • oral communication,
  • graphics and visual aids,
  • business correspondence,
  • résumés,
  • job interviews, and
  • nonverbal communication

Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professionals just entering the work force, will find this book an easy-to-read and concise handbook for mastering the fundamentqals of professional and technical communication.

About the Authors
Richard H. McCuen, Ph.D., is a professor of civil engineering at the University of Maryland.

Peggy A. Johnson is a professor of civil engineering and the department head of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University.

Cynthia Davis is assistant director of the instructional television system at the College of Engineering at the University of Maryland.

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