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Modelling of Flood Propagation over Initially Dry Areas

Modelling of Flood Propagation Over Initially Dry Areas

Modelling of Flood Propagation over Initially Dry Areas

Edited by Paolo Molinaro and Luigi Natale

1994 / 374 pp.

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Proceedings of a specialty conference, held in Milan, Italy, June 29-July 1, 1994. Cosponsored by Consiglio Naxionale delle Ricerche (CNR); Gruppo Nazionale per la Difesa dalle Catastrofi Idrogeologiche (GNDCI); Enel spa; and ASCE.

This collection contains 26 papers establishing the state of the art in mathematical modelling of flood propagation over initially dry areas. The need for reliable evaluation tools of flood risk potential is paramount in developed and developing countries. Developed areas need to study the reliability of their defense works, and developing countries can use the mathematical models to plan their development to avoid future high-risk situations. Papers focus not only on the use of two-dimensional modelling of flood propagation but also on related topics such as geographical information systems (GIS). Topics include: theoretical and numerical aspects of flood modelling; computational and practical aspects of modelling such as the use of GIS; model verification against laboratory and field measurements; and dynamics of sediment transport. This collection offers valuable information to engineers, hydrologists, and other technical personnel dealing with flood risk analysis and protection against floods.

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