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Critical Issues and State-of-the-Art in Lifeline Earthquake Engineering

Critical Issues in Lifeline Earthquake Engineering

Critical Issues and State-of-the-Art in Lifeline Earthquake Engineering

Edited by Anshel J. Schiff and Ian G. Buckle

TCLEE Monographs TCLEE 7

1995 / 104 pp.

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Proceedings of a session at the ASCE National Convention, held in San Diego, California, October, 1995. Sponsored by the Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineeringof ASCE.

This TCLEE Monograph contains papers that describe the earthquake performance of electric power, communication, gas, liquid fuel, water, wastewater, ports, air transportation, highway, and railroad systems. The earthquake damage of the systems is reviewed, major vulnerabilities are identified, and mitigation methods are described. The most important issues effecting earthquake performance are discussed and research needs are identified. A common shortcoming noted for most lifelines was the lack of earthquake performance standards, which make it difficult to rationally establish equipment and facility seismic specifications.

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