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Emerging Materials for Civil Infrastructure

Emerging Materials for Civil Infrastructure

Emerging Materials for Civil Infrastructure

State of the Art

Edited by Roberto A. Lopez-Anido and Tarun R. Naik

2000 / 232 pp.

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Prepared by the Emerging Materials Committee of the Materials Division of ASCE.

This report presents a review of the state of the art on emerging materials for use in civil engineering infrastructure. Emerging materials include novel and new materials, as well as traditional materials with profound potential in new applications. A material or class of materials is considered "emerging" if its use has not yet progressed to a stage wherein well-established guidelines, codes, and specifications exist for its use.

This report is conveniently divided into chapters that address specific classes of materials and highlight the most recent developments in materials technologies relevant to civil infrastructure. 

Topics include:

  • smart materials for civil engineering applications;
  • fiber reinforced composites in civil infrastructure;
  • emerging geomaterials for ground improvement;
  • aluminum materials and the infrastructure;
  • polymer concrete made with recycled plastics;
  • state of the practice in asphalt technology;
  • emerging uses for masonry materials; and
  • emerging uses for window glass.

The practicing engineer, student, or general reader will find this to be an easy-to-use reference for construction material systems that are being developed for use in civil engineering.

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