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Recent Advances in Optimal Structural Design

Recent Advances in Optimal Structural Design

Recent Advances in Optimal Structural Design

Edited by Scott A. Burns

2002 / 312 pp.

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Sponsored by the Technical Committee on Structural Design of the Technical Administrative Committee on Analysis and Computation of the Technical Activities Division of the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE.

This report documents the dramatic new developments in the field of structural optimization over the last two decades. Changes in both computational techniques and applications can be seen by developments in computational methods and solution algorithms, the role of optimization during the various stages of structural design, and the stochastic nature of design in relation to structural optimization.

Topics include:

  •  methods for discrete variable structural optimization;
  •  decomposition methods in structural optimization;
  •  state of the art on the use of genetic algorithms in design of steel structures;
  •  conceptual design optimization of engineering structures;
  •  topology and geometry optimization of trusses and frames;
  •  evolutionary structural optimization;
  •  design and optimization of semi-rigid framed structures;
  •  optimized performance-based design for buildings;
  •  multi-objective optimum design of seismic-resistant structures; and
  •  reliability- and cost-oriented optimal bridge maintenance planning.

The book concludes with an extensive bibliography of journal papers on structural optimization published between 1987 and 1999.

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