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Recent Advances in Materials Characterization and Modeling of Pavement Systems

Recent Advances in Materials Characterization

Recent Advances in Materials Characterization and Modeling of Pavement Systems

Edited by Erol Tutumluer, Yacoub M. Najjar, and Eyad Masad

Geotechnical Special Publications (GSP) GSP 123

2004 / 241 pp.

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Proceedings of the Pavement Mechanics Symposium at the 15th ASCE Engineering Mechanics Conference, held in New York, New York, June 4, 2002.

This Geotechnical Special Publication contains 15 technical papers covering recent advances in the characterization and modeling of materials used in pavement systems.

Topics include:

  • subgrade soil and aggregate base/subbase materials characterization,
  • asphalt concrete mixes and their constitutive modeling,
  • pavement systems modeling, and
  • use of artificial neural networks in pavement modeling.

The analysis methods include both finite and discrete element modeling techniques, artificial neural networks, microstructural analysis, stiffness matrix approach for dynamic pavement analysis, and curve fitting and statistical parameter estimation techniques. Different methods of laboratory and field testing are included, namely: triaxial, asphalt tension, asphalt x-ray tomography imaging, asphalt binder, nondestructive pavement, accelerated pavement, and field bender element method.

Engineers working within geotechnical and transportation facilities, who have a special interest in pavement mechanics, will find this publication of particular interest.

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