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Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Space V

Engineering in Space V

Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Space V

Edited by Stewart W. Johnson

1996 / 2 vols. / 1365 pp.

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Proceedings of Space '96, the Fifth International Conference on Space, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 1-6, 1996. Sponsored by the Aerospace Division of ASCE.

This proceedings contains 185 papers addressing the need to develop the resources of Greater Earth for humankind. These papers present the new ideas and projects that are being investigated by many governments, laboratories, universities, and private industries concerning the exploration of space.

Topics include:

  • space advocacy;
  • comets, asteroids, meteoroids, and space debris;
  • remote sensing from space;
  • space solar power;
  • siting and constructing extraterrestrial bases;
  • characterization, mining, and use of in situ materials of the Moon, Mars, and asteroids;
  • habitats and controlled ecological life support systems; and
  • ground support facilities.

This collection demonstrates the scientific and technological strides that have made the citizens of all nations aware of space exploration and how humankind can benefit from it.

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