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An Endangered Resource

Edited by Angelos N. Findikakis and Fritz Stauffer

1997 / 552 pp.

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Stock No. 40273 / ISBN: 9780784402733

Proceedings from the session Water for a Changing Global Community at the 27th Congress of the International Association of Hydraulic Research, held in San Francisco, California, August 20-25, 1997.

This collection contains 86 papers reporting on efforts by researchers and practitioners to address issues related to the excessive use of groundwater or its contamination resulting from industrial activities, agricultural practices, and waste disposal methods. 

Topics include:

  • heterogeneous aquifers;
  • groundwater remediation and risk management;
  • stochastic approaches to subsurface hydrology;
  • drainage water relationship to water quality;
  • groundwater modeling; and
  • water and contaminant movement in porous and fractured media.

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