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Geotechnical Engineering for Water Resources

Edited by Richard L. Wiltshire, P.E.; Christoph M. Goss, P.E.; and Harold W. Olsen

Geotechnical Practice Publications (GPP) GPP 2

2005 / 248 pp.

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Proceedings of the Biennial Geotechnical Symposium, held in Denver, Colorado, October 22, 2004. Sponsored by the Colorado Section of ASCE; the Geo-Institute of ASCE; Rocky Mountain Section of the Association of Engineering Geologists; and Colorado Association of Geotechnical Engineers.

This Geotechnical Practice Publication contains 17 papers presenting practical case studies and project results for geotechnical engineering on a variety of water resources projects located in Colorado and the Western United States. Practicing geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists, and hydrologists share their unique project solutions and real-world experiences with actual projects, including Colorado's oldest water resources project, new and modified dams, pipelines, tunnels, flood hydrology, flood control, ground-water supply and wells, and surface reservoirs.

Many of the papers in this Geotechnical Practical Publication deal with dams, including the 1000-year-old reservoirs used by the Ancestral Puebloans at Mesa Verde. Other dam papers discuss new mountain dams and the expansion or repair of existing dams. Flood hydrology papers present the results of erosion control projects in areas scarred by wildfires, flood control in urban areas with intermittent streams, and riverbank slope stability. The underground papers deal with water tunnel rehabilitation, mine site cleanup, deep shaft modeling, and dam conduit repair. The last group of papers examines shallow and deep groundwater wells as well as reservoirs built in alluvium and hard bedrock. All of the papers discuss actual projects with practical applications of geotechnical engineering innovation.

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