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Traffic and Transportation Studies (ICTTS 2002)

Traffic and Transportation Studies (ICTTS 2002)

Traffic and Transportation Studies (ICTTS 2002)

Edited by Kelvin C.P. Wang; Guiping Xiao; Lei Nie; Hao Yang

2002 / 2 vols. / 1664 pp.

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Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Transportation and Traffic Studies, held in Guilin, Guangxi, China, July 23-25, 2002. Sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology; Cosponsored by ASCE; Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies; Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Institute of Transport Engineers; Japan Society of Civil Engineers; China Highway and Transportation Society; China Land Society; China Railway Society; Chinese Society for Urban Studies; Northern Jiaotong University; The Geographical Society of China.

This collection contains 219 peer-reviewed technical papers that explore the key policy and management issues, innovative technologies, current projects, and future prospects for traffic and transportation studies.

Topics include:

  • transportation policy,
  • environment and sustainability,
  • transportation planning and operation,
  • traffic flow models and applications,
  • urban traffic management and control,
  • traffic accident and road safety,
  • mass transit systems,
  • applications of advanced technologies in transportation,
  • transportation economics,
  • physical distribution and logistics,
  • transportation infrastructure and pavement systems, and
  • transportation issues in developing countries.

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