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Henry P.G. Darcy and Other Pioneers in Hydraulics

Henry P.G. Darcy

Henry P.G. Darcy and Other Pioneers in Hydraulics

Edited by Glenn O. Brown, Jürgen D. Garbrecht, and Willi H. Hager

2003 / 310 pp.

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Proceedings of a symposium to honor Henry Philibert Caspard Darcy, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 23-26, 2003. Sponsored by the Surface Water Hydrology Committee and the History and Heritage Committee of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE.

This collection contains 20 peer-reviewed papers discussing the contributions of Henry Philibert Gaspard Darcy (1803-1858) and other pioneers in hydraulic history. Although best-known for developing Darcy's Law and the Darcy-Weisbach Equation, Henry P.G. Darcy was also a skilled engineer, public servant, and community leader. Marking the 200th anniversary of Darcy's birth, seven papers describe Darcy's achievements and legacy and include one paper by Darcy's descendent and namesake. Additional essays assess the contributions of Henry Bazin, Günther Garbrecht, Hans Einstein, Victor Streeter, Carl Kindsvater, and Floyd Nagler. Other papers consider historical developments in pumping equipment in medieval Europe and 19th-century United States; dam failures as a result of uplift; the hydraulic engineering collection at the Smithsonian Institution; and accounts of Colorado State University, St. Anthony Falls and USDA-ARS laboratories.

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