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Environmental Technical Verification Report for Ammonia Recovery Process

Ammonia Recovery Process

Environmental Technical Verification Report for Ammonia Recovery Process

Environmental Technology Evaluation Center

CERF Reports 40458

2000 / 52 pp.

Soft Cover - In Stock
$44.00 List / $33.00ASCE Member
Stock No. 40458 / ISBN: 9780784404584

Prepared by the Environmental Technology Evaluation Center (EvTEC), a CERF Service Center.

This report describes the nature and scope of an environmental evaluation of ThermoEnergy Corporation's Ammonia Recovery Process (ARP) System, a method for recycling ammonia in wastewater. The data in this report were collected over a three-month pilot study. Tests found that the ARP system is capable of removing 75–99% of the ammonia in the waste stream in a domestic wastewater treatment plant. The ARP System uses a series of absorption, evaporation, and crystallization steps to convert ammonia in wastewater into a commercial fertilizer, ammonium sulfate. The evaluation results clearly indicate that the ARP process is capable of achieving significant ammonia reduction under a range of environmental conditions

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