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Estuarine and Coastal Modeling (1995)

Estuarine and Coastal Modeling (1995)

Estuarine and Coastal Modeling (1995)

Edited by Malcolm L. Spaulding; Ralph T. Cheng

1996 / 730 pp.

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Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Estuarine and Coastal Modeling, held in San Diego, California, October 26-28, 1995.

This collection contains 58 peer-reviewed papers on recent developments and applications of estuarine and coastal models. 

Topics include:

  • 2D and 3D finite difference and finite element flow,
  • baroclinc flow,
  • forecasting and hindcasting,
  • water quality, and
  • sediment transport modeling, and
  • integrated systems for model application and visualization.

The authors represent a well-balanced mix of professionals from government, private industry, and academic institutions in the United States and around the world.

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