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Engineering Aesthetics of Tall Buildings

Engineering Aesthetics of Tall

Engineering Aesthetics of Tall Buildings

Edited by Joseph G. Burns

1985 / 64 pp.

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Proceedings of a session at the ASCE National Convention, held in Denver, Colorado, May 2, 1985. Sponsored by the Structural Division of ASCE.

This collection contains five papers on the aesthetics and design of high-rise buildings. The engineering aesthetics of tall buildings are discussed in relation to various building materials, building form, individual members, joints, and connections. The effects of scale are also considered with respect to the appropriateness and efficiency of various structural systems. Papers explore the social context of high-rise buildings, as well as their function in the urban environment. Collaboration between architects and engineers is an important factor nin the creation of buildings with a strong engineering aesthetic; examples of such buildings are given. These papers encourage the active participation of engineers in the design of large-scale buildings, including the search for new building systems and their appropriate aesthetic expression.

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