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Effects of Damage and Redundancy on Structural Performance

Effects of Damage and Redundancy

Effects of Damage and Redundancy on Structural Performance

Edited by Dan M. Frangopol

1987 / 91 pp.

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Proceedings of a session at the ASCE Convention, held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, April 27, 1987. Sponsored by the Structural Division of ASCE.

This collection contains six papers on the interrelationship among damage states, redundancy, system strength, and structural performance. These papers examine some of these factors and provide an overview of the state of the art.

Topics include:

  • damage accumulation models for structural materials,
  • damage corrosion models for steel girder bridges,
  • impact of different damage states on the redundancy and overall system strength for both brittle and ductile behavior,
  • evaluation of structural damage and redundancy for nondeterministic systems,
  • common events that could cause failure of redundant structures, and
  • calibration of earthquake damage probability matrices.

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