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Microcomputer Knowledge-Based Expert Systems in Civil Engineering

Microcomputer Knowledge-Based Expert Systems

Microcomputer Knowledge-Based Expert Systems in Civil Engineering

Edited by Hojjat Adeli

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1988 / 220 pp.

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Proceedings of a symposium at the ASCE National Convention, held in Nashville, Tennessee, May 10-11, 1988. Sponsored by the Structural Division of ASCE.

This collection contains 16 papers presenting applications of expert system technology to civil engineering problems with emphasis on microcomputer implementations. Papers are divided into four categories: structural engineering, geotechnical and environmental engineering, construction, and general. Topics include knowledge acquisition and machine learning, using PROLOG on a Macintosh, an environment for building integrated structural design exxpert systems, an integrated rule-based system for industrial building design, and integrating an expert system shell with spreadsheet programs. Expert systems for hazardous waste management, diagnosis and treatment of dam seepage problems, and analysis of activated sludge are presentd. Also covered are knowledge elicitation techniques for construction scheduling, an expert system for construction contract claims, and knowledge acquisition for a contractor prequalification knowledge-based system. Finally, logic programming to manage constraint-based design, and development of an earthquake insurance and investment risk analysis system are discussed.

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