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Air-Water Mass Transfer

Air-Water Mass Transfer

Air-Water Mass Transfer

Edited by Steven C. Wilhelms and John S. Gulliver

1991 / 802 pp.

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Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 11-14, 1990. 

This collection contains 60 selected papers on gas transfer at water surfaces. Papers on fundamentals of physical phenomenon and modeling describe the physical characteristics and chemical effects of gas transfer and explore physical phenomena—such as turbulence, wind, waves, convection, density stratification, and bubbles—developed through numerical, conceptual, semi-empirical, and empirical models. Other papers describe different laboratory and field measurements, including remote sensing and gas tracer techniques. A large number of papers discuss various applications of gas transfer to streams and rivers, lakes and reservoirs, hydraulic structures, water and wastewater treatment, seas and oceans, and artificial aeration.

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