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Federal Public Works Infrastructure R&D

Federal Public Works Infrastructure R&D

Federal Public Works Infrastructure R&D

A New Perspective

CERF Reports 93-EF1003
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1993 / 74 pp.

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Prepared by the Civil Engineering Research Foundation.

This report provides an analysis of the federal role in public works infrastructure research and development; it is one of a series of special studies commissioned by the U.S. Corps of Engineers under a Congressional directive. To perform this analysis, CERF contacted more than a dozen federal agencies and coordinated with the Federal Laboratory Consortium  to obtain data from 257 federal laboratories. The objective of the analysis was to establish baseline information regarding the federal government's role in public works infrastructure (PWI) research and development (R&D). What, where, and how PWI R&D is accomplished by the federal government is the focus of this analysis. After providing background information and defining "public works infrastructure," the report provides an overview of responses collected from a variety of government agencies concerning their perceived role in PWI R&D. As part of the effort to determine whether federal PWI R&D meets national public works infrastructure needs, a typical federal R&D program life-cycle is synopsized to include an explanation of the role of contributing organizations. Next, the report quantifies the federal role in public works infrastructure R&D. The components of this quantification include estimates of federal funding PWI R&D, where such R&D is accomplished, the types of R&D performed, and technical transfer mechanisms. Funding trends for the various infrastructure components are also addressed. Findings are documented in both tabular and graphic form. Finally, to place federal PWI R&D into a worldwide perspective, the report compares the United State's PWI R&D investment with other industrially advanced nations.

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