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Steel Moment Frames after Northridge (set)

Steel Moment Frames (set)

Steel Moment Frames after Northridge (set)

2002 / 306 pp.

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Stock No. 41166 / ISBN: 9780784411667

Special issues of Journal of Structural Engineering, January 2000 (Vol. 126, No. 1) and April 2002 (Vol. 128, No. 4).

This two-volume set contains all 30 papers resulting from a research program sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency that focus on the behavior of steel moment frames in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. The purpose of this collection is to put research into practice by answering fundamental questions about the reliability of steel moment frame construction in order to develop effective and economical design procedures and construction standards. Phase 1 of the study resulted in papers that discuss reliable and cost-effective methods for the inspection, evaluation, repair, and rehabilitation of steel moment frame structures. Phase 2 of the study resulted in papers that address various design and construction issues and included a number of experimental studies that identify and verify reliable and cost-effective long-term solutions to improve the seismic performance of steel moment connections. These papers also discuss performance prediction and evaluation methods that allow design professionals to determine the confidence level of satisfying a performance level for a given hazard.

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