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English-Chinese and Chinese-English Glossary of Transportation Terms

English-Chinese Transportation

English-Chinese and Chinese-English Glossary of Transportation Terms

Highways and Railroads

Edited by Rongfang (Rachel) Liu, Ph.D., P.E., AICP, and Eva Lerner-Lam, F.ITE

2012 / 284 pp.

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Prepared by the Transportation & Development Institute of ASCE; North American Chinese Overseas Transportation Association.

English-Chinese and Chinese-English Glossary of Transportation Terms: Highways and Railroads contains an extensive dictionary of more than 1,200 transportation expressions commonly used in American English. Each term is equated to its corresponding term in Simplified Chinese, and its definition is translated. The resulting glossary is a vital link in the free flow of information about Chinese markets and state-of-the-art technologies to governments, firms, and academic institutions outside of China. It enables U.S. and European groups to communicate their products and services within China. The glossary also promotes professional excellence worldwide by enabling Chinese transportation professionals to publish in English language professional journals and present technical papers at English language conferences.

This comprehensive collection of common terms is an essential reference for both English- and Chinese-speaking transportation professionals involved in business, government initiatives, working in private industry, public agencies, educational institutions, or research centers.

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