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AUA Guidelines for Backfilling and Contact Grouting of Tunnels and Shafts

AUA Guidelines for Backfilling and Contact Groutin

AUA Guidelines for Backfilling and Contact Grouting of Tunnels and Shafts

Edited by Raymond W. Henn

ASCE Press

2003 / 270 pp.

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 Copublished by ASCE Press and Thomas Telford. 

This book provides comprehensive guidelines for the filling of voids for both soft ground and rock tunnels and shafts. The underground construction industry will find these guidelines useful for minimizing misunderstandings related to backfilling and contact grouting terms and methods; improving the quality of contract documents related to backfilling and contact grouting and the in-place material; reducing costs and schedule time; and avoiding or minimizing potential claims.

Coverage includes:

  • geological conditions;
  • structural and operational requirements on the completed facility;
  • backfilling and contact grouting for various types of ground support and lining;
  • grout material;
  • grout properties;
  • backfilling methods;
  • backfill mix designs;
  • contact grouting;
  • equipment;
  • record keeping;
  • quality control; and
  • contract documents.

These guidelines were prepared by the AUA Technical Committee on Backfilling and Contact Grouting of Tunnels and Shafts. The committee includes a wide range of experts representing engineering firms, contactors, equipment and material suppliers, and consultants.

About the Editor
Raymond W. Henn, Ph.D., P.G., is a principal of Lyman Henn, Inc, based in Denver, Colorado, where he is responsible for tunnel and underground engineering and for construction management services. He is also the author of Practical Guide to Grouting of Underground Structures (ASCE Press, 1996) and coauthor of Ultrafine Cement for Pressure Grouting (ASCE Press, 2010).

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