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Crisis Management in Construction Projects

Crisis Management in Construction Projects

Crisis Management in Construction Projects

Martin Loosemore, Ph.D.

ASCE Press

2000 / 180 pp.

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This book shows how to prevent crises on construction projects and, when crisis is inevitable, how to turn it to advantage. Based on a decade of crisis management research and consulting in the construction and engineering industries, Loosemore provides lessons drawn from a wide range of high-risk industries. Adopting both a reactive and preventative focus, this book presents crises as opportunities for growth—defying the notion that crises are managerial failures to be avoided and suppressed at all costs.

Crisis Management in Construction Projects challenges readers to think about projects in new ways, using contemporary research from crisis management, risk management, psychology, and the behavioral sciences. Case studies provide an excellent vehicle for readers to examine others' experiences and gain insight into their behavior during a real-life crisis.

Topics include:

  • planning for crises;
  • the dynamics of crisis management;
  • emergency planning in construction projects;
  • crisis managers as social architects;
  • lessons for crisis managers; and
  • creating an optimistic organization.

About the Author
Martin Loosemore, Ph.D., is associate professor, Faculty of the Built Environment, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

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