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Animal Waste Containment in Lagoons

Animal Waste Containment in Lagoons

Animal Waste Containment in Lagoons

Edited by Lakshmi N. Reddi, P.E.

Manuals of Practice (MOP) MOP 105

2005 / 220 pp.

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Prepared by the Animal Waste Containment Committee of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE.

Animal Waste Containment in Lagoons provides a comprehensive view of the state-of-the-art practice of animal waste containment and gives directions for future research techniques. Topics Include:

  • Fate of nitrogen compounds in animal waste lagoons;
  • Seepage and transport through anaerobic lagoon liners;
  • Clogging of animal waste lagoon liners;
  • Evaluating seepage losses and liner performance at animal waste lagoons using water balance methods;
  • Use of coal combustion by-products as low permeability liners for manure storage facilities; and
  • Air quality issues associated with livestock production.

Practitioners in the following disciplines: water resources, environmental, geotechnical, and agricultural engineering will find this manual to be very beneficial.

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