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BMP Technology in Urban Watersheds

BMP Technology in Urban Watersheds

BMP Technology in Urban Watersheds

Current and Future Directions

Edited by Richard Field, Scott D. Struck, Anthony N. Tafuri, Michael A. Ports, Michael Clar, Shirley Clark, and Betty Rushton

2006 / 332 pp.

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Selected papers from the BMP Technology Symposium: Current and Future Directions, presented at the 2004 World Water and Environmental Congress held in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 28–July 1, 2004.

This report presents examples of BMP (Best Management Practice) options for use in the management of urban watersheds. With both case studies and technical information, it details the state of the science and offers BMP designs as well as guidelines for monitoring, selection, implementation, and cost.

 This work will be beneficial to landscape architects, city planners, watershed managers, and environmental and civil engineers.

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