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Buried Flexible Steel Pipe

Buried Flexible Steel Pipe

Buried Flexible Steel Pipe

Design and Structural Analysis

Edited by William R. Whidden

Manuals of Practice (MOP) MOP 119

2009 / 220 pp.

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Prepared by the Task Committee on Buried Flexible (Steel) Pipe Load Stability Criteria and Design of Pipeline Division of ASCE

This manual provides appropriate analytical concepts to address the principles of buried steel pipe design and attempts to correct misusage of the 1958 Modified Iowa Formula. The most current work of Dr. Reynold K. Watkins and others is presented in this book to develop external loading design concepts. The goal of Buried Flexible Steel Pipe is to offer sound information on the structural design and analysis of buried steel pipe—for water and wastewater—consistent with the latest pipe/soil design concepts of the industry. In conjunction with the external design of the pipe/soil interaction, the manual addresses internal pressure design, vacuum and external fluid pressure analysis, and many other nonstandard conditions pipe designers will likely encounter.

This manual will be valuable to students and professionals involved in pipe design and construction.

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