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Compaction Grouting Consensus Guide (53-10)

Compaction Grouting Consensus Guide (53-10)

Compaction Grouting Consensus Guide (53-10)

American Society of Civil Engineers

Standards ASCE/G-I 53-10

2010 / 94 pp.

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Compaction Grouting Consensus Guide focuses on the practical and engineering aspects of compaction grouting as a technique of ground improvement. Compaction grouting increases the density, strength, and stiffness of the ground through slow, controlled injections of low-mobility grout that compacts the soil as the grout mass expands. The technology can be applied to a wide range of soils, in most cases being used to improve the engineering properties of poorly compacted fills and loose native soils. Compaction grouting can be applied equally well above or below the water table.

This standard promotes good practice in compaction grouting and is essential reading for anyone involved in specifying, designing, or undertaking compaction grouting.

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